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This page was originally dedicated to daily wallet screenshots for a Bounty I placed on uploaded Gota Mining Pool software to github by July 1. In sheer stupidity, I wrote over the original index file and thus this is a recreation.

As of July 1st, 2021, there seems to be some major drama occuring within the Gota community. It has surfaced that the singular pool that has been used to mine gota since its launch has been not paying out coins properly. With today being the last obligatory day for wallet screenshot uploads, and no pool code posted to Github as I previously stated, if the pool code is not released by end of day today, July 1st, 2021, I may effectively keep my total wallet balance and thus am not obligated to transfer any amount of coins to the devs, and will withhold such payment until such time that the code is uploaded.

Well, The pool works, however the project dev failed to place a disclaimer on the github repo that the pool will only operate correctly if a legacy wallet address is used. Maybe you should put that disclaimer at the top of your README.MD? Sounds like the right thing to do as you fix your code to operate with a vanity address.




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